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Hail Satire! is talking about comedy! Hosted by Vic Shuttee, Hail Satire! has gotten interviews with some of the best in the business: stand-ups, screenwriters, directors, actors, improvisers, content creators and more! And then there's the specials: comedy brackets, best of lists, debates and discussion, live improv, original sketches and series recaps. Plus critical analysis of comic institutions like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live and the films of Christopher Guest.

Keep laughing, keep crying, keep yourself from dying.

Nov 23, 2016

Conversation #141, recorded on January 17th, 2015. Andy Huggins a stand-up comic and one of the original Houston Outlaw Comics who got their start at the legendary Comedy Workshop, alongside Jimmy Pineapple, Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks. Andy released his first comedy INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS at the age of 64 in 2015....

Nov 16, 2016

Conversation #140, recorded on January 10th, 2015. Amy Birkhead is an improviser, writer and actress. She's performed at festivals and clubs in Houston, Chicago and New York. Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee.

Nov 9, 2016

Conversation #139, recorded on January 8th, 2015. Allen Leech is an actor, best known for his role in the hit series DOWNTON ABBEY. Leech appeared here to promote his role in the Oscar nominated film THE IMITATION GAME. Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee.

Nov 2, 2016

Special Presentation. Originally recorded on December 30th, 2014. In the final moments of the year, improviser and comedian Saurabh Pande drops by to share his thoughts on 2014's contributions to the world of comedy, as well as his work with Second City! Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee.