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Hail Satire! is talking about comedy! Hosted by Vic Shuttee, Hail Satire! has gotten interviews with some of the best in the business: stand-ups, screenwriters, directors, actors, improvisers, content creators and more! And then there's the specials: comedy brackets, best of lists, debates and discussion, live improv, original sketches and series recaps. Plus critical analysis of comic institutions like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live and the films of Christopher Guest.

Keep laughing, keep crying, keep yourself from dying.

Apr 30, 2016

Special Presentation. Originally recorded on September 21st, 2014, weeks before the 40th Season Premiere of NBC's landmark sketch series Saturday Night Live. Vic Shuttee, along with guest panelists Chad Minchew, Steph DeWaegeneer and Max Holkan, draft four rosters of eight cast members in order to create the perfect SNL...

Apr 27, 2016

Special Presentation. Hail Satire! Presents: The 346 New Play Festival, showcasing original works by Houston-area playwrights. Originally produced by Paige Zubel for BETA Theater on August 21st and 22nd 2014, this playfest was curated and abridged for performance on Hail Satire! on August 24th 2014.

10-Minutes Plays...

Apr 23, 2016

Conversation #82, recorded on November 6, 2013. Simon Singh is an author, and who appeared here to promote his book THE SIMPSONS AND THEIR MATHEMATICAL SECRETS. Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee.

Apr 23, 2016

Conversation #81, recorded on November 5th 2013. Matt Zoller Seitz is a critic, author and journalist. His published works include THE MAD MEN CAROUSEL, BRAD PITT, THE OLIVER STONE EXPERIENCE, and TV (THE BOOK). He's the editor-in-cheif of, writes for New York Magazine, Vulture, The New York Times, Salon...

Apr 20, 2016

Conversation #80, recorded on October 22nd 2013. Natalie Dormer is an actress, known best for her performance as Margaery Tyrell on HBO's mega-hit GAME OF THRONES. She's also appeared on THE TUTORS, ELEMENTARY, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. Natalie appeared here to promote her new film THE HUNGER...