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Hail Satire! is talking about comedy! Hosted by Vic Shuttee, Hail Satire! has gotten interviews with some of the best in the business: stand-ups, screenwriters, directors, actors, improvisers, content creators and more! And then there's the specials: comedy brackets, best of lists, debates and discussion, live improv, original sketches and series recaps. Plus critical analysis of comic institutions like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live and the films of Christopher Guest.

Keep laughing, keep crying, keep yourself from dying.

Nov 3, 2018

 THE EPILOGUE – After watching a series of films (and one TV show) that span over 30 years, it’s time to take stock of the Guest List, because this very well may be the end of the road. Get the low-down on the parts with skipped (apologies MORTON AND HAYES, not so much to ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN). Plus, we break down the Best of Guest and in perhaps a bridge too far, the boys imagine where all these colorful character might be around 2018. A fun road of podcasts comes to an end. The Christopher Guest List is hosted by Vic Shuttee (@VicShuttee) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType). If you enjoy this work and would enjoy more deep dives into comedy history, please consider become a patron of Hail Satire! at #GuestList